Top 10 “Final Destination” Deaths!

final desti 3 death

To commemorate Final Destination‘s cessation, we’ve compiled a list of the best deaths in the series! From falling glass panes to fully-loaded nail guns, find your fave death scene right here.

(To avoid spoilers for Final Destination 5 once again, this list only includes deaths from the first to fourth installments)

Top 10 Deaths from Final Destination 1 – 4

10. A Grinding Exit

Lori Milligan (Shantel VanSanten)  is a hotdog waiting to happen as she falls into a human meat grinder a.k.a the very deadly mall escalator. Another reason for parents to hold onto their kids while on the escalator.

9. A Tangled Tale

After witnessing her son’s death (which is also on the list), Nora Carpenter, played by Lynda Boyd,  encounters a very strange man carrying a crate of prosthetic limbs in the lift. This stranger can also be referred to as The Man with Hooks. Nora’s hair gets caught in one of the prosthetic’s hooks and her panic attack following that triggers Death’s plan. Nora’s decapitation is an example of how creative the older installments were. Instead of ending her life right away with the shutting elevator doors, she gets dragged by the neck and then decapitated.

8. Skull-Crushing Workout

Apparently, Death doesn’t like two things – being cheated and laughed at. Death has a way of majorly screwing with arrogant pricks who violently object to its plans. The arrogant prick in this case is Lewis Romero, played by Texas Battle. A very abrupt death but the gore and blood here are excellent. Mary Elizabeth Winstead screaming with a face full of splattered blood adds onto the agony.

7. Drive-Thru Head

The suspense here is O-M-G and the outcome is equally brilliant. Instead of getting crushed by Kevin’s pick-up truck right away, Frankie (Sam Easton)  gets windmilled in the head by the truck’s engine fan, which protrudes out when a big runaway truck crashes into Kevin’s ride. A drive thru his head right there.

6. Airbags Never Fail You

Sarcasm kills.

5. She Nailed It

Clearly, Death waits for no man. Once Ian McKinley’s death is avoided, his girlfriend Erin is forced to take his place in the cycle. Looks like she nailed the part.

4. Tanning Woes

Probably the most painful death by far – popular girls Ashley and Ashlyn being burnt alive on their tanning beds. The Jersey Shore cast should learn a thing or two from this!

3. Barbed Into Three + Glass-Pained

It’s a tie and the best part being that both deaths are from the same installment. The very hilarious Rory gets diced into slices of three while Nora’s son, Tim, gets crushed by a falling glass window. The lead-up to Tim’s death is actually pretty exciting as well. If it isn’t clear by now, Final Destination 2 is boss when it comes to gore.

2. Death by Pasta

After plenty of lucky breaks, there is only one lesson to be learnt: Throwing your stale pasta into the bin won’t hurt one bit.

1. Easy Come, Easy Go


Okay, so we bet you expected something much gorier, bloodier or more extreme. But hey, a death doesn’t have to include all that jazz to cause an impact. This death is probably the most iconic in the Final Destination franchise. And this happens right after Terry screams “Drop f**king dead”. Easily the most shocking and W-T-F moment in the history of Final Destination.

So there you have it. A list of our Top 10 Fave Final Destination Deaths.
Now, tell us which one’s your fave! Tweet us @popspoken!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tod Waggner should be on the list, his death was one of the best.

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