Five Things You Must See At Singapore Art Week 2016

If art’s not your thing but you wanna look cool and cultured on Instagram, check out out list of the five must-see events at Singapore Art Week 2016


We Have Moved to the All-New

Maybe, it’s time we re-introduce ourselves again. We set out to switch up the site about a year ago and boy, are we pleased to see our dreams transform into reality.


Jonas Brothers: Why We Think They’re Splitting

Like all of you JoBro enthusiasts, we over here at PS are wondering… what the hell is going on with the Jonas Brothers? It all started when the boys cancelled their highly anticipated world tour, which offered pricey meet and greets and sold out venues all over the place. With such a good thing going- why … Continue reading

Reasons why you should catch Atomic Jaya

Since its salad days as a new play in 1998, Atomic Jaya has come a long way, entertaining crowds for over a decade. For those who are new to the play, its plot fundamentally orbits around what happens when Malaysia attempts to build an atomic bomb. Written and directed by Huzir Sulaiman, we have rounded … Continue reading

Image courtesy of Dream Academy

Broadway Beng 2013 Bengs You Back To The Basics

[Review] Sebastian Tan pulls off an A+ job in this year’s Beng instalment, although our curator’s F9 mastery of Hokkien proved challenging in understanding some jokes.


I Stalked Marina & The Diamonds: She Is As Cool As Ever #StalkerStories

Marina Diamandis better known under her stage name “Marina and the Diamonds” was in Singapore for a private concert this past weekend for a few incredibly lucky fans. Apparently she performed an hour long acoustic show, dressed in a drop-dead-gorgeous floor length gown that fit her in all the right places. After seeing on Instagram … Continue reading

Camp Symmetry

The Conscience List For Festivals

Festivals in Singapore are pretty conservative. Lost a shoe in the mosh pit? Got your iPhone’s recording obstructed by an iPad’s recording? The sun was too hot? Nothing compared to the situation at Glastonbury each year. With Camp Symmetry (headlined by Mew and Explosions in the Sky) kicking off our November, we have prepared a … Continue reading


The return of Rain: Why Fide Fashion Week just got much hotter

There’s plenty of reasons to get excited about Fide Fashion Week, and here’s another one which we’re sure has gotten many of you scrambling for tickets. After a hiatus of almost two years (yes, it’s been that long), Korean superstar Rain will be hitting our shores for Fide Fashion Week. It’s about time he returned … Continue reading


$1,000: The Price VIPs Pay To Watch G-Dragon In Singapore

Imagine blowing that amount of money. That’s what 20 special (and probably extra cray-cray) fans will spend on VIP tickets to catch Korean rapper G-Dragon when he performs in Singapore this Saturday, 12 October, as part of Fide Fashion Week. He will perform a private showcase at 4.30pm at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Hall F, … Continue reading


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs…? If only.

Palatable at best, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is bland against its predecessor. For what the plot and characters lack in depth and flavour, it almost makes up for in vibrant and engaging (and at times overly exaggerated) animation, almost. Expect a few chuckles in this 95 minute movie, which arrives four years after its … Continue reading

Goinout Screenshot 5

Here is an App that Revolutionizes the Way we Go Out

Everyone has Facebook, and therein lies the problem because your family and colleagues are on it. Would you dare to share your party pictures with them? We didn’t think so – here’s where Goinout comes in handy.


Don’t like your job? Don’t Whine to Me About it, Gu Niang, Just Quit

You could always just “freelance”, if you’re self conscious about social stigma or just want a more high-sounding title, go with “independent contractor”.

through the never

Through the Never: Hollywood cashing out on the popularity of artistes’ drug-fueled impulse decisions

Metal is like vegemite- thick, heavy and unyielding. It divides the populace into those who hate it and those who worship it. They are both born of beer and aggression, and in the right situations, has the power to change your life. Combine the above two and you have the potential for a movie/concert of Wagnerian proportions, which proves itself in a head-spinning display of aural and visual assaults.


Thanks, Zalora Singapore: River Island Makes Its Comeback In Singapore

IT’S BAAAAAAAAAACK! (But, erm, where’s the Rihanna collection?)


It’s ‘About Time’ for a giveaway!

What would you do if you learnt that your family had an (unfortunate) history of.. time traveling? As you’re thinking about the boundless capabilities of this gift, read on to find out more about Richard Curtis’s new film that is set to release on 10 October!


Miley Cyrus “BANGERZ” Album Review

Previously innocent Disney starlet Miley Cyrus has released her third solo effort “Bangerz” via a free stream on iTunes earlier today. This album has been highly anticipated, as the queen of twerk hasn’t released a body of work since her 2010 hot mess “Can’t Be Tamed”. With two massive singles already under its belt, the … Continue reading

Photo by Aloysius Lim / MTV Asia

Up close and personal with Ming Bridges

She’s got no regrets tapping into her Chinese roots and venturing to unknown territories. (Unreal.) Ming Bridges is definitely bridging the gap between evolving as an artiste and still appealing to the masses. Read on to find out more about how dead on serious she is about her music.


Why Fashion Week is Awesome and How You Can Be Part of It

Fashion is not as hoity-toity as you think it is. Get to know it, and maybe you will love it.

Ming Bridges on MTV Sessions

Ming Bridges Is First From Singapore To Headline MTV Sessions

The spunky singer-songwriter dished out previous hits as well as new material from her upcoming English album.

The Doctor Will See You Now

Pangdemonium Productions took a huge gamble by taking on such a tragic and yet inspiring piece. So hit me on the back and scream jackpot because we’re pretty sure they pulled off Next To Normal almost flawlessly. Here’s the scene – a prototypical American family who at first appears to live a fairly normal life … Continue reading

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge

A Bold Night Out celebrating Arthur’s Day with Guinness

Arthur’s Day hosted by Guinness served up its wow factor in epic proportions, literally. In its second installation, Arthur’s Day was held in a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena at The Promontory@Marina Bay. Fans who patiently waited in the queue were rewarded with Guinness coupons, wrist bands and a parting gift of a Guinness tote … Continue reading



Who says being in style is only for the coverage of deeming good physical appearances? We beg to differ – it should be the acceptance of who oneself is, being comfortable in one’s skins & shoes and not afraid to stand out as sore thumbs in an ever-changing and yet still stereotypical-in-viewpoint kind of world. … Continue reading


These Timberland Boots are Made for Walking

Most of us would be familiar with Timberland’s iconic yellow boots as seen on Hollywood stars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. Take it from us, you don’t have to be a star to rock those classic, waterproof boots.


Singapore F1 Grand Prix: Justin Bieber Ignites Sparks In Singapore

Arguably one of the biggest stars on the planet, Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber graced the Padang stage for the closing concert of Singapore’s annual F1 Grand Prix. Teenage girls showed up in their thousands from 5am onwards, queuing in a messy open space which was clearly not prepared for the pandemonium that ensued. In … Continue reading


Singapore F1 Grand Prix: Rihanna Puts the Swag in “Swag-apore”

Barbados beauty and hip-hop star Rihanna took to the sunny shores of Singapore for our annual (and probably the biggest event of the year) Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix! She performed on race night, and took the stage just moments after Sebastian Vettel’s mighty victory. Emotions and adrenaline were high as Rihanna adorned the … Continue reading


EXO Drives The Girls Nuts But Not Robin Thicke at MTV World Stage 2013

Think about the famed MTV World Stage and the first thoughts that come to mind is that it takes the cake for being the crème de la crème of all televised music festivals in Asia. From the controversial hit single ‘Blurred Lines’ by headliner Robin Thicke debuting in Asia for the first time to the … Continue reading


The Killers: “Majulah Singapura!”

Being over 9,000 miles away from their hometown in Las Vegas, the good-looking boys from The Killers were quick to adapt to Singapore last night on Sept 21. While local and international acts like The Sam Willows, Weish, Bob Geldof, Dynamo and Cirque performed around the four zones at the 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix … Continue reading


Go Hardwell or Go Home

Kickstarting the high-octane Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix 2013 was DJ Hardwell who played many hard-hitting dance tracks to a sold-out crowd just yesterday at Fort Canning Park.

The Maine Conquers Singapore, Fearless as Ever!

It is safe to say that every artiste wishes to be signed to a major record label. For The Maine, it is quite the opposite. They’ve even got the guts to tell their record label to f*** off. Now independent, or shall we say “indie”, the boys from The Maine has finally made it to … Continue reading

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